Toolkits & Databases


Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) has developed a number of toolkits and databases that help to advance community-campus partnerships and address common barriers and challenges. 

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Below are brief descriptions and links to our most popular resources:

The Enaltgaged Faculty Institute (EFI) Curriculum provides a thorough, updated roadmap for intensive, facilitated faculty development specific to service-learning course construction, implementation, and sustainability in a college or university setting. Redesigned in 2015 by California Campus Compact (CACC), Campus Compact of the Mountain West (CCMW), and CCPH, this curriculum is an update to the Faculty Toolkit for Service-Learning in Higher Education, originally authored by CCPH in 2007. You may download the whole curriculum or individual units of the EFI Curriculum here.

The evidence-based online curriculum, Developing and Sustaining CBPR Partnerships has proven to be an enduring and popular resource since its launch in 2005. 

The Community-Engaged Scholarship Toolkit assists graduate students and faculty to carefully document their CES and produce strong portfolios for promotion and tenure. 

The Online Database of Faculty Mentors and Portfolio Reviewers is designed for community-engaged faculty who are searching for faculty mentors and for deans and department chairs who are searching for external experts to review faculty portfolios. 

CES4Health is a unique online database of peer-reviewed products of community-engaged scholarship that are in forms other than journal articles. CES4Health widely disseminates high quality products that can improve the health of communities and "count" in the faculty promotion and tenure process. 

We also recommend these toolkits and databases:

  • CORUS: CCPH is a partner in this online platform for finding and sharing tools for community-engaged research.
  • Community Research Partners: CCPH is a partner in this searchable database of member-created profiles and resources that support community-engaged research partnerships.
  • Research Toolkit: This website is designed to provide community and academic partners the tools to build a successful community-engaged project.
  • Make Research Matter: This website is designed to give researchers the tools they need to increase the dissemination and implementation potential of their research findings.