Sarena Seifer Leadership Fund

Honoring our Founding Executive Director, Elevating our Voice & Impact

“CCPH is often the only organization to articulate policies that support authentic, equitable and transformative community-academic partnerships. We advocate, for example, to fairly compensate community organizations for their research roles, include community experts as grant reviewers, broaden research ethics regulations to cover community-level risks and benefits, and change faculty promotion and tenure policies to recognize and reward community-engaged scholarship. To have a consistent and strong voice and influence, however, takes resources that are not easily obtainable through traditional funding sources.”  Sarena Seifer, Founding CCPH Executive Director

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Community-Campus Partnerships for Health’s founding executive director Sarena Seifer stepped down in September 2014 after 17 years at the organization’s helm. The CCPH Board of Directors created the Sarena Seifer Leadership Fund to honor and sustain the legacy of her leadership and deep commitment to partnerships for social change. 

Learn more about Sarena here.

Board member Jen Brown (l) congratulates founding executive director Sarena Seifer after the board's decision to establish a fund in her name

The fund’s purpose is to ensure a consistent and strong CCPH voice and influence in the policy arena. The fund seeks to narrow the “dream gap” between what we are able to accomplish with our current resources and fully realizing our mission.

Donations to the fund will be used, for example to:

  • Develop policy positions pro-actively and in response to government requests for public comments 
  • Prepare and mobilize members to communicate policy positions to decision makers 
  • Organize and host briefings and meetings with decision makers 
  • Participate in coalitions and partnerships that amplify our voice and influence 
  • Utilize traditional and social media to communicate our concerns and policy positions 
  • Nominate individuals who have expertise in community engagement and community-academic partnerships to serve on national advisory and grant review panels 
  • Pursue other mission-critical opportunities as they arise

All donations to the fund are used for its core charitable purpose; none are used for influencing legislation or the outcome of an election. CCPH is a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit organization, federal tax ID number 94-3285533. All contributions will be acknowledged in writing with a receipt and are tax-deductible in the US to the extent allowable by law.

We gratefully acknowledge these Founding Contributors:

Anonymous Donors
Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola 
Cynthia (Cee) Barnes-Boyd 
Irene Bayer 
Lynn Blanchard 
Daniel Blumenthal 
Jen Brown 
Catherine Brozowski 
Diane Calleson 
Suzanne Cashman 
Chuck Conner 
Kerry Daly 
Diane Downing 
Mickey Eder 
Eugenia Eng 
Sarah Flicker 
Paul Freyder 
Sherril Gelmon 
Christoph Hanssmann 
Linda Hawkins 
Stacy Holmes 
Carol Horowitz 
Barbara Israel 
Cathy Jordan
Erin Kobetz 
Daniel Korin 
Lewis Lefkowitz 
Marlynn May 
Piper McGinley 
Dodi Meyer 
Tanis Mihalynuk 
Maralynne Mitcham 
Gail Newton 
Julie Nigon 
Ruslan Nikitin 
Rahma Osman 
Patricia Piechowski 
David Rebanal 
Al Richmond 
Monte Roulier
Gordon Rubenfeld
Jon Salsberg 
Tristan Seifer 
Helene Seifer 
Jeri Sias 
M. Kate Stewart 
Hal Strelnick 
Darius Tandon 
Rachel Vaughn 
Augusta Villanueva 
Amanda Vogel 
Gayle Woodsum 
Karen Yoder