Clinicians play a unique role in improving health as health care providers, consumers, and trusted members of communities.  But, often, traditional education and training do not fully equip clinicians to advance long-term, transformative community change. 

Clinical Scholars 
will help clinicians to collaborate across sectors to tackle real, complex health problems in their communities and, ultimately, build a Culture of Health nationwide. 


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RWJF Change Leadership Programs
Prospective Applicants


Program Overview

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has launched the Clinical Scholars program, in partnership with Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, AcademyHealth and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The program is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Clinical Scholars is a new national leadership development program that prepares health care providers to build an inclusive society where health is a guiding value and all people live longer, healthier lives. This shift toward a Culture of Health will be fueled by leadership, innovation, and collaboration from clinicians pursuing leading-edge research, policies, and practice.

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Launch of the Program

“We are excited about the partnership with the University of North Carolina in this innovative and exciting program that addresses 'wicked problems' through leadership development and training,” says Al Richmond.  Since November 2015, CCPH has been engaged in the Planning and Launch Phases of the RWJF Clinical Scholars Program. This opportunity will allow CCPH to be a leader in keeping the voice of the “community” at the forefront while training leaders on incorporating community in all aspects of this new program. 

CCPH has a tremendous responsibility to ensure that community voices are present in the Clinical Scholars program. In an effort to promote community inclusiveness, CCPH is developing online training modules, webinars, teaching in person seminars on inclusiveness of community and will also provide technical assistance to teams interested in learning more about community engagement. CCPH is committed to building a Culture of Health inclusive of community by expanding our boundaries to promote leadership development by educating change leaders and other professionals.

The kick-off for the inaugural Clinical Scholars Program class will be held September, 24 - 29 in Princeton, NJ. Three of the five days will focus on the Clinical Scholars and two days will engage members from all four of the RWJF Leadership Programs. CCPH will facilitate presentations on Community Engagement for Creating a Culture of Health during the week.

The first application process for the Clinical Scholars Program closed on April 19. Applications received were diverse and we are excited to get to meet the new applicants in September. If you didn't apply this year, or weren’t selected, we invite you to stay in touch and consider applying next year. See below for more details!

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2017 Summer Intensive

CCPH is proud to present the 2017 Summer Intensive, "Structural Inequality: An On The Ground View", August 1-2, 2017 in Durham, NC. For more information on the program and how to register, visit the 2017 Summer Intensive webpage.

RWJF National Change Leadership Programs

Clinical Scholars is one of four national change leadership programs, designed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to extend the influence and impact of leaders working to build a Culture of Health. For decades, the Foundation has supported the development and diversity of health care leaders with landmark programs for clinical scholars, physicians, nurses, and researchers. Building on this legacy, the Foundation created these programs to invest in leaders from more diverse sectors—leaders who have the passion, ingenuity, and influence required to navigate the rapidly evolving health and health care environment and the factors that shape it.

The additional three change leadership programs are based at leading institutions and organizations across the country, and include Interdisciplinary Research Leaders for researchers and community leaders (University of Minnesota); Culture of Health Leaders for collaborations across disciplines and sectors (National Collaborative for Health Equity and CommonHealth ACTION) and Health Policy Research Scholars for first- or second-year doctoral scholars (Johns Hopkins University). More information on these programs and who may apply is available at


Prospective Applicants

Program applications deadline has passed. Please check back next fall for the 2018 application deadline.

Clinical Scholar Fellows eligibility criteria:

  • Health care practitioners clinically licensed and active for at least 5 years in their chosen discipline and practicing within the U.S. or U.S. Territories.
  • Clinical Scholar candidates apply in diverse inter-professional teams with 2-5 core members.
  • Teams identify a wicked health problem and propose an approach that recognizes systemic complexity of reducing the disparity and achieving optimal health.
  • Selected candidates receive $105,000 in program dollars per scholar and leadership training for three years. Example: 4 scholars x $35,000 x 3 years = $420,000
  • Clinical Scholars remain in their current communities and current positions.
  • Clinical Scholars travel twice a year for a week-long onsite training to lead transformative change in their communities to build a Culture of Health. In between onsite sessions, scholars participate in online interactive leadership webinars.

Read the 2017 Fact Sheet for more details on the program. Teams from one profession (all physician or all pharmacists) are strongly discouraged.


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