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February 2016

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Here are highlights for Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) in the month of February. Please join or renew your membership and stay connected to our events, activities and opportunities for engagement.

A Message from Al Richmond

Flint, Michigan has captured global attention. As the world looks on in shock and horror, the story of a city's contaminated water system unfolds. The imminent harm to children and expectant mothers has raised the most immediate attention. Equally concerning is the harm to seniors. Many are already struggling with health issues and conditions common to aging. Ingestion of Flint's toxic water will further exacerbate preexisting medical conditions. Certainly, the impact of this travesty will be felt for many years and generations to come.

To learn more about this issue on the ground, I reached out to Ella Green-Moton, former CCPH board chair and Flint resident who expressed being heartbroken. Ella emphasized this story has been unfolding for over 2 years -- residents and community health advocates questioned the discoloration in the water, pungent smell and other signs that heightened their concerns regarding the consumption of the water provided by the area water authority. 

Flint cries out and demands that CCPH speak up about this public health crisis. At the same time, we recognize that Flint is not an isolated situation. In this regard, CCPH has launched a very specific action plan.

  1. Launch a depository of articles and collateral materials related to Flint on the CCPH website.  Special attention will be given to the role of community-campus partnerships in addressing the issue.
  2. Release a call to you, our members and colleagues, to share examples of how community-campus partnerships are being mobilized to address similar environmental threats in communities across the country.
  3. Live out the theme of our 2016 International Conference, Journey to Justice: Creating Change Through Partnerships by providing space and time to train and mobilize community and academic leaders to work in tandem to address similar acts of social injustice.

I believe that we have a moral imperative to garner all the support necessary to address what I initially called, the Katrina of our day!  The intent is not to minimize what occurred 10 years ago on the Gulf Coast, but to bring attention to how we continue to experience threats to our environment that in turn have catastrophic effects on human life. Equally important is the need for policies that support access to safe living environments where drinkable water is available to all.  The next time you turn on your tap, think about the folks in Flint.

Time-Sensitive Announcements

Early Bird Registration Deadline has been EXTENDED! Register before the new deadline of February 19 to receive a discount for our 14th International Conference, May 11-14, 2016 in New Orleans! The conference, Journey to Justice: Creating Change Through Partnerships seeks to promote, support, and encourage partnerships designed to improve health by addressing social and racial justice issues. Camara Jones, MD MPH PhD, President of the American Public Health Association will be the keynote speaker at our 14th International Conference! The preliminary program is posted on the conference website. Stay tuned as we update the website with information on the pre-conference sessions and our guest speakers.

Call for Applications now out for the RWJF-CCPH Annual Award! CCPH is proud to announce a partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to award the RWJF-CCPH Award. The RWJF-CCPH Award will highlight the power and potential of community-campus partnerships successfully using systems and policy change needed to overcome the root causes of health, social, environmental and economic inequalities. Learn more about the award and application process here. Applications due March 15, 2016!

Call for Abstracts for the 144th APHA Annual Meeting by Community-Based Public Health Caucus (CBPHC). CBPHC invites abstracts related to the science and practice of community-based public health on the theme of Building the Healthiest Nation: Ensuring the Right to Health. Submission Deadline is February 23. For more details, visit the APHA - CBPHC webpage.

News from CES4Health

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Disseminate Your Work through CES4Health! CES4Health peer-reviews and publishes products of community-engaged scholarship that are in forms other than journal articles. At, you can search for high quality tools and resources, submit products for peer review, apply to be a peer reviewer, contribute to the field of community-engaged scholarship...and ultimately the health of communities. Review Instructions for Authors and answers to Author Frequently Asked Questions to learn more!

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