As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) is governed by a Board of Directors whose role includes:

  • Determining the mission, values and outcomes that CCPH is striving to achieve. 
  • Monitoring the extent to which CCPH is achieving our mission, values and outcomes. 
  • Ensuring that CCPH is accountable to our members and other key constituents. 
  • Serving as ambassadors for CCPH.

As described by John Carver, the architect of the policy governance model that guides the board’s work: “Our job is not to review last month, keep up with our staff’s unending supply of activities or be managers at arm’s length. Our job is to lead, to be spokespersons for meaningful values, to model bigness of spirit, to be a powerful conscience of our constituents, and ultimately to see that tomorrow is created in a better image.” The board defines and monitors CCPH's ends and executive limitations policies

CCPH board members come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them a broad range of experience and expertise, a passion for community-campus partnerships as a strategy for social justice and the time and ability to contribute to an active board. We periodically release an open call for applications to serve on our board of directors. Please email us to be notified when a new board recruitment cycle has begun.

CCPH Board of Directors


Jen Brown

Chicago, IL


Suzanne Cashman

Worcester, MA

Rosey Hunter

Salt Lake City, UT


Chioma Nnaji

Jamaica Plain, MA

Ann-Gel Palermo

New York, NY


Karriem Watson

Chicago, IL


Sacoby Wilson

College Park, MD