The 14th International Conference "Journey to Justice: Creating Change Through Partnerships" is Great Success in New Orleans!

The CCPH 14th International Conference sought to promote, support, and encourage partnerships designed to improve health by addressing social and racial justice issues.

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 CCPH Partners with UNC for Greenwall Foundation Grant!

CCPH has partnered with a team from the UNC Chapel Hill in Re-engaging Ethics: Ethical Issues in Engaged Research, funded by the Greenwall Foundation. The Re-Engaging Ethics team is currently seeking case studies in the following topic areas: equitable and just research, relationship dynamics, community informed risk/benefit assessment, and accountability. Deadline is September 15th. Read more about the project and learn how you can share your case study here!

Featured Members and Member Organizations


CCPH’s Featured Members are the 2016 RWJF-CCPH Key Leaders in Healthy Equity. Meet Dr. Stephany Parker and Ms. Sarah Miracles! Stephany is the Associate Research Professor/Get Fresh! Outcomes Coordinator with the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Oklahoma State University

Sarah is the Program Manager of the Chickasaw Nation Get Fresh! Program. Stephany and Sarah are recognized for their work with the Solution-based Health Innovations and Nutrition Excellence (SHINE), Partners in Indian Country: Collaboration with the Chickasaw Nation Get Fresh! Eagle Adventure Team

Sarah and Stephany lead the SHINE team’s systematic and collaborative works to attain health equity by conducting research in Native American nutrition and health disparities, translating and disseminating research information, promoting and supporting the training of a diverse research workforce and fostering innovative collaborations and partnerships throughout Indian Country.

Learn more about Stephany and Sarah and their work, the RWJF-CCPH Key Leaders Award or click here to read about past Featured Members. If you would like to be a Featured Member, or would like to refer a colleague, please email us.

A Dynamic and Resourceful Network


Our Members are Resources! One of the benefits of being a CCPH member is that you have access to our online membership directory and member interest groups. Get to know your colleagues who share your passion for partnerships and social justice and join the many individuals, students, and organizations who support CCPH's commitment to eliminating health disparities, changing faculty promotion and tenure, and increasing funding for community-campus partnerships. CCPH would like to welcome some of our newest members:


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Upcoming Proceedings from 2015 Regional Community Partner Forums on Community-Engaged Research

Stay tuned for proceedings from the 2015 Regional Community Partner Forums on Community-Engaged Research! The 2015 forums supported the ability of community-based organizations and community leaders to play significant roles as partners in research, ultimately ensuring that the results of research are used to eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity in their communities. The Forum Overview page will be updated with proceedings and resources from each of the Regional Community Partner Forums. Stay tuned for future Community Network for Research Equity and Impact (CNREI) activities and join the listserv here.


UNC Chapel Hill Launches RWJF's Clinical Scholars Program

UNC Chapel Hill is leading the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Clinical Scholars program.  Clinical Scholars is a new national leadership development program that prepares health care providers to build an inclusive society where health is a guiding value and all people live longer, healthier lives.  Click here to learn more about RWJF's Clinical Scholars program. Announces New Editorial Team


CES4Health is pleased to announce that Joyce (Joy) Balls-Berry assumed the role of Managing Editor on March 1, 2016. Joy will focus on managing CES4Health's submission and review processes including soliciting and reviewing submissions, coordinating the team of associate editors, recruiting and training reviewers, and communicating with authors. Founding Editor Cathy Jordan is transitioning to the role of Executive Editor. Cathy will collaborate with CCPH's Executive Director, Al Richmond, in setting the course for CES4 Health as well as serving as a spokesperson for CES4Health and community-engaged scholarship. Cathy, Al and associate editors Janice Bowie, Erin Kobetz, Kim Radda, and Lisa Rey-Thomas offer Joy a hearty welcome and congratulations!

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CCPH's Principles of Partnership and Social Justice

For nearly two decades, CCPH, our work, and that of our partners has bridged the chasm between communities and campuses across the country by supporting the development of scientific evidence that supports and upholds all those engaged in promoting health and well-being in communities. Far too many communities suffer from the crippling effects of diminished economic and social opportunities, making it difficult to lead productive and healthy lives. Our Principles of Partnership have served as a unifying framework that facilitates authentic partnerships between communities and campuses. Our commitment to social justice and health equity has grounded our work seeking to bring positive social change. The current climate in our nation cries out for authentic partnerships and demands that we respond to the current landscape of social injustice. Read our complete statement on Advancing Social Justice through Community-Campus Partnerships!

 Research Ethics Reconsidered...

Just Released! Research Ethics Reconsidered in the Context of Community-Engaged Research: Proposed Revisions to the Belmont Report and Federal Regulations Guiding the Protection of Research Participants!  In 2014, we received a grant from the Greenwall Foundation to draft revisions to the Belmont Report and federal regulations for the protection of human research participants. Check out our Research Ethics page on our website or read more about our work for the Greenwall Foundation here.