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Proposals due Nov 28 for C2UExpo! C2UExpo (Community, College, University-Exposition), is a bi-annual 3-day conference, showcasing the best practices in community-campus partnerships worldwide. C2UExpo 2015 will take place May 26-29, 2015 in Ottawa, Ontario. Review the Call for Abstracts and Presentations here and click here for information on submitting a proposal. As we did in 2013, CCPH is supporting C2UExpo in lieu of our own conference next year.

Participants from Across the US and Canada Joined CCPH’s Webinar Presentation "Diverse Approaches to Community Review of Research." The webinar discussed our recent report (linked in the Featured Resources column), which highlighted how five community organizations developed a community research review process (CRP). The webinar discussed the history and purpose of their CRPs and how they move beyond the individual-level focus of institution-based IRBs to include community and cultural considerations. Access the recorded webinar and presentation slides here



Featured Resources

How Can Communities Ensure That Research is Ethical? The new report, Redefining Research Ethics Review: Case Studies of Five Community-Led Models highlights diverse approaches communities can take to reviewing, shaping and approving research before it has even begun. By establishing structured processes for research review, community organizations can assess and address individual and community-level risks, benefits and cultural implications of proposed research.

The report features firsthand insight into the ethical issues faced by diverse communities engaged in research, demonstrates how community-led models of research ethics review ensure protections for both individuals and communities and makes recommendations for community groups and other key stakeholders.

The main audience for the report is community-based organizations interested in developing or strengthening a research review process. By packaging the five case studies together, our aim is to provide a rich set of examples, promising practices, and key considerations that can inform their work.


Featured Member

Melanie Stone is CCPH's newestFeatured Member!
A CCPH member since 2009, Melanie is Assistant Director for Community Service Learning (CSL) in the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The mission of the Center for Medical Humanities & Ethics is to educate medical students and health professionals in ethics and professionalism while nurturing empathy and humanitarian values.

Melanie's background and experiences are in public health and education. She was trained in epidemiology, worked in public health research, served as a public school teacher, and now works with the community through a public hospital system and an academic institution. This experience provides her with the opportunity to encounter a great variety of public health issues, organizations and people. She has benefited from many community connections and networks, allowing her to grasp the big picture and better understand how to get things done through these connections.

She feels CCPH also has the ability to connect dots with academic institutions committed to service and that CCPH can bring together, highlight and catalog the best practices that exist at the individual institutions so that we all can benefit from them. Learn more about Melanie and her work. Click here to read about past Featured Members. If you would like to be a Featured Member, or would like to refer a colleague, please email us.